5 Ways to Prepare for A Night of Binge Drinking

Even before the sun begins to set, you already know what the night is all about. A hell of a rocker isn’t it? But, I’m sure you have this little fear of that tornado of a hangover the next day when you get over drunk tonight. So, what do you do?

Now, all you’ve got to do is to get prepared the right way, then you can free yourself to enjoy the whole fun without any fear of regretting it later. Let’s look at this few important tips.

#1: Have the hangover relief supplies in place

The truth is, you will get that hangover, no matter what you do. However, all you need to do is to get those relief supplies ready before it hits. What are those supplies? Some fresh tender coconut water. Yes! You can have a bottle on your bedside table. Instant coffee without milk or sugar is also good. You can also try out sports drinks without added sugar. These makeup hangover relief supplies and will help you stay cool even after the night.

#2: Keep the home safe

Before you leave for the party, ensure that your home is kept tidy and clean. Remove every litter on the floor especially those trailing cables. Why? So that you won’t have to trip over something or hurt yourself when you’re floozy-woozy on your feet.

#3: Make water your best friend

Don’t fail to have a bottle of water while heading to the party with some friends. Make water your companion, the trick really works! After every drink you finish, you should have at least a glass of water. This way your body does not absorb too much alcohol and you’re safe from becoming dehydrated and won’t have that dry mouth feeling or that bad headache. Before you pass out, don’t fail to have a bottle of water.

#4: Binge eat post the party

Visit the local food joint, the regular hotel restaurant or the street food vendor to take a pick of your favorite carbs. Carbs help to settle the alcohol so you won’t have the nausea feeling.

#5: Eat before you drink

It is important to have something in your stomach before you need for the night party unless you want to punish yourself with that monstrous tornado of a hangover the next morning. It mustn’t be that heavy stuff; some snack would do the job.

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