Alberto Accettulli -Making Things Happen Around The World And Back Again

Film director, Alberto Accettulli is globally recognized of his unique filmmaking style and his critically acclaimed spots for the world’s iconic brands.

Born in Genoa, Italy, Alberto bases his life and career in Los Angeles, California and Shanghai and Jakarta. He competes for accounts worldwide in Dubai, China, Indonesia and Europe, and America.

A childhood’s fascination with motorcycles, bikes and automobiles serves as inspiration and an out of the box perspective to filmmaking. Alberto often rides a skateboard or performs extreme sports like skiing and snowboarding while filming.

The former professional and competitive freestyle motorbike racer, Alberto would film his friends and his own performances with a Canon XM1 camera. When it became apparent that he would prefer life behind the camera, rather than in front of it, Allberto focused on filmmaking, shooting videos for action sports brands such as Nike (his first sponsor), Red Bull, and Eastpak.

Nike and Red Bull were Alberto’s first clients as a filmmaker. He continues to shoot commercials, advertisements and films for Honda, Toyota, Jeep, Giorgio Armani, Nike, Red Bull, Kawasaki, Nestlè, Fiat, Rolex, Yamaha, Alfa Romeo, Ducati, Chevrolet, Visa, Carrera and Pirelli.

Alberto’s work has been celebrated among industry insiders and critics. His action films have been screened at the Bicycle Film Festival. “Bicycle Film Festival is the most important sports festivals in the world. So, being part of this festival is always a great honor and satisfaction.” Alberto won first prize at the America’s Cup Video Contest Of The Year, organized by Oracle.

Alberto shot a PSAs for the charity non-profit organization, DKMS. The organization cares for patients waiting for a life-saving for a bone marrow transplant. “It gives me the opportunity to do something for people in pain, to support the cause and help to raise money.”

A perk of Alberto’s career is the opportunity to travel. Over the past three years, Alberto has lived in different continents across the globe. A campaign for the Volkswagen car company, Skoda was filmed in the Himalayas, and featured mountain bike and car performances at 17500 feet of altitude was a great challenge. The spot earned six million views on the first online release of the documentary and has been screened in many sport film festivals all over the world.

Alberto’s advice is to fellow filmmakers is to stay focused, to travel, make connections and above all to make things happen. “I used to wait for the right time, the right moment, the right inspiration…It’s a mistake. Waiting is already too late. Alberto Accettulli is living his passion as a filmmaker, from Genoa, to Los Angeles, around the world and back again.

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