Bad Santa

Now that you are about to buy your first doll for Christmas, remember the possibility of stumbling across the wrong sort and being scammed in the process. Yes, there are dishonest people on the internet scamming the masses and vendors that wrongly sell at a cost.

Consider the following before you put your hard earned money in the wrong pocket.


Always make sure of checking the address and information before you reach the thought of making that transaction. This is especially for any store or shop you may have found on the internet and other express shops. You can also verify by calling the shop on the number registered on their address.


Read up as much as possible on the description of the doll and make sure it matches to you. Check all the details before hand before you buy the doll.


Where is the doll from? Are you buying the doll from the retailer or is it directly from the manufacturer. It’s best to be certain especially if you are shipped a package which is misappropriate and warrant a change or a refund.


Check the reviews for the doll, shop and maker and read up as much as possible. Check how many customers have bought the doll before, if the doll is popular at all. If there is a complaint or a particular defect detected by someone who might have bought the doll before you. The research and reconnaissance will make sure that you know your doll before she reaches you.


Now that you are reaching for your wallet to make that purchase, ensure that it accepts the card and currency which you are willing to use. There is always the added benefit of paying by PayPal and other online currencies. This way you will also be ensuring yourself against scams and other troubles which afflict the market. Always ensure that you have a way to recover your funds.


Remember that no doll or transaction can be inexpensive in the purchase and the delivery of your companion. Check if there is a payment to the shipping and freight before buying the doll as this is an added charge upon the price of the doll which you bought in the shop. Many doll shops these days in the festive seasons offer a discount value and coupon. Ensure that price they are offering fit into your funds and budget. In the recent trades, even bitcoin is of value to certain shops and websites.


This may take few days or even weeks for that matter. A doll of this caliber is not easy in freight considering the various modes of shipping itself. Trucks, trains, ships and many flights as well. By the time it reaches you, check for any damages the doll may have sustained on the journey from the handling. Clean the doll up immediately and see if it fits and matches the description of your best sex doll shop after all.

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