Benefits of Indoor Attractions

It’s a well-known fact that kids tend to get restless during the winter. After all, there’s only so much time that they can spend outside playing in the snow before they begin to freeze and head back inside to annoy their parents, and most parents aren’t interested in spending hours outdoors supervising their kids. Thankfully, Indoor Attractions such as indoor amusement parks and fun centres offer practical solutions for letting kids get all that excess energy out in a stimulating, warm, and welcoming environment.

Safety Concerns

Playing outside in the cold may be fun for kids, but it can be dangerous for them to spend too much time out during the winter even if they’re wearing full snowsuits. For one thing, it gets dark much earlier in the winter than it does in the summer, and this can cause all kinds of security concerns. Plus, all that ice and snow increases kids’ chances of taking tumbles and injuring themselves.

Indoor amusement parks are designed to be safe, kid-friendly environments. Parents must purchase specialty non-slip socks so that their children can enjoy their time at the amusement park without damaging the attractions with their shoes. They must also ensure that children under 13 are supervised at all time, although there is some flexibility for older kids. Children’s safety is further protected by keeping staff members on-site to handle any potential emergencies and keep an eye out for safety risks.

Kid-Friendly Fun

An Indoor Attraction amusement park offers all kinds of kid-friendly, adult-supervised fun. New attractions are added all the time to keep kids engaged and interested, and while there are limits on how many children can play on one attraction at once, there’s plenty of room for collective play and socialization. Once parents have paid for admission, those children can spend all day at these parks, although most parents find that two and a half to three hours of supervised play gives their kids plenty of time to get out all of that excess energy without taking up an entire day.

Party Planning

Indoor amusement parks are the perfect place for birthday parties. They offer function rooms that can be rented to groups and accommodate as many as 30 children and ten parents at once. Plus, some indoor amusement parks offer party catering in the form of special snacks and treats, though most require parents to bring their birthday cakes.

Parents planning to host parties at an indoor amusement park can purchase package deals based on the number of children who will attend and the age of the birthday boy or girl. They can book function rooms online and choose colour options and scheduled times. All party packages include specialty socks and basic amenities for at least 11 kids and ten adults, and private rooms can be rented in 90-minute intervals.

The Take-Away

Whether parents are looking to plan elaborate birthday parties or they just want to take their kids out for some good, old-fashioned fun without exposing them to the winter cold, they’ll find that indoor amusement parks have everything needed for a memorable play experience. Kids as young as two and as old as 17 are welcome to enjoy themselves in a safe, warm environment this winter, so get started planning a trip to an indoor amusement park today. Contact Big Fun Play Centre Today!

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