Chunky Onion Productions – One of Hong Kong’s leading Event Management Company

Choosing an event management company providing the most thorough and reliable event management services makes or breaks an event. Chunky Onion Productions is a company that manages events and does event production in a fully-integrated way. Based in Hong Kong, the company was founded in the year 2000. The company had humble and completely different beginnings – it started as a bespoke theater company which then gradually grew to become a full-fledged, professional and reliable event management company.

There is an increasing demand for event management companies to be more thorough in dispensing their event management services. And, Chunky Onion Productions strive to meet a client’s every possible need. They do hands-on implementation and event production. Backed by a full-time staff comprising of creative and technical teams, professional artists and event planners, Chunky Onion Productions functions as an ultimate event management company with high levels of the pertinent work expertise.

Chunky Onion Productions have their concentration on the various types of event management and production, particularly conferences, product launches, annual dinners, and other large-scale events. They are supported by the extensive event management and event production facilities – audio visual equipment manned by audio-visual technicians. Their in-house carpentry workshop churns out custom-made props, backdrops, and decorations. This capacity of Chunky Onion Productions provides much freedom of mobility which enables them to serve clients to the best of their abilities.

Chunky Onion Productions also conceptualize and deliver events in an inclusive manner covering a large variety of themes. In all, Chunky Onion Productions is committed to providing great and full event management services in Hong Kong that suit not only their clients’ needs but also their budgets.

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