Red pandas are good climbers with good eyesight

Pandas are basically mammals and they belong to the bear family. The red panda don’t hibernate unlike the other bears. Their scientific name is Ailuropoda Melanoleuca and is also often known as the Giant Panda. The animal is mostly found in China, and the Chinese word for a pandas is Da Xiong Mao, which refers to a giant bear cat.

Clings to the bamboo for a prolonged period of time

The animal is known for their utmost love to climb trees. They usually live in the bamboo forests and can spend at least 12 hours a day eating bamboo, which is their main source of food, they eat leaves, stalks, berries and shoots as well. It is the presence of their strong jaw bone and teeth that helps them to cling to the bamboo for so long.

The set of five fingers on each hand and the wrist bone acts as the thumb that aids them to hold on to the trees for hours and enjoy eating as well. You will be surprised to know that the baby pandas who are seven months old can climb trees easily.

Shy by nature, but with excellent eyesight 

If you take a note of the red panda minutely with your eyes, you will find that they are quite reserved in nature. They are basically shy and stay within themselves, far away from the people. Pandas are great climbers and one of the reasons why they can remain hanging on bamboos for long hours. Their eyesight is one aspect that is too good.

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