Tips and Tricks for Sorting Your Wardrobe

Before running the sales and bringing new clothes in your wardrobe, here are some tips to organize your dressing. First, put yourself in condition before starting your household. Bring a full-length mirror and a comfortable outfit to easily try out the clothes for which you have serious doubts.

#1: Empty your closet

Start by emptying your entire cabinet and make two big piles:

The first pile of clothes that you no longer like, that are uncomfortable to wear, that are misshapen, cracked, stained or faded. Then divide it into two piles: throw and donate/sell. And the second pile of clothes that you still like.

 #2: prepare your dressing room

Do not wait to put away all your clothes, enjoy this big emptiness! The trick: soak your cloth with a few drops of essential oil and put it on your shelves (pink, lavender or others). The smell will put you in a serene atmosphere. Remember to hang the cedar balls; they will scare mites and other small insects fond of our dressing!

#3: only bring clothes that fit you perfectly

First, separate the ups and downs: for the high, it is essential to wear only its good range of color. This range you will discover by analyzing your colorimetry.

Then take your courage with both hands and try all your ups. Keep only those that are adapted to your morphology, to help you ask the right questions in front of a mirror: Does it show me? Is he at the right size?

Then do the same with your stockings: pants, cropped pants, skirts … And keep only those that add value to you. Make sure your clothes fit properly to create harmony with your figure. This is what makes the difference between “being dressed” and “being well dressed.” Recognize what suits you, first of all, accept your body and find the right clothes.

#4: organize your dressing room

You must proceed methodically. Store your tops by types of clothing, from light to dark (fine sweaters, thick sweaters, tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves, skirts, pants), so you can match your outfits in the blink of an eye!

Separate your summer and winter clothes (put them in a box). that way, everything that will be in your dressing room will fit you perfectly, and you will only have to focus on the style! The icing on the cake: you’ll feel like renewing your wardrobe every season!

Also, create a box for “affective” clothing and “bad size” clothing that you want to keep “just in case”.

#5: stage your accessories

Use the tie hanger to deploy all your scarves and scarves. Then, the trouser hanger to hang necklaces, bracelets, and watches by colors. No more clutter in your jewelry box!

Finally, the hanger belts, to hang your belts. Attach these three hangers to your wall to have your accessories in sight every morning. You can check out closet organizers to choose the best closet organizers.

Your handbags and shoes can also be integrated into your dressing room, provided you find them a suitable place. And do not forget that it’s not the number of clothes, nor their brand, as prestigious as it is, that will make the elegance of a woman.

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