Top Derby Hat Styles to Look Out for in 2019

What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you think of the Kentucky Derby? While some folks might say it’s the thoroughbreds and jockeys, others view the event as an unofficial fashion show. Hats have long been the focal point of the day, especially for women. If you’re carefully planning your outfit for the first Saturday in May, consider this derby hats 2019 checklist to help you make the perfect selection.

Go Classic

Southern belles know wide-brimmed hats have always been the centerpiece of style at the derby and this year is no exception. Their versatility allows you to tip them to the side for a sophisticated feel or wear one as a protective barrier from the afternoon sun. Since umbrellas aren’t allowed at Churchill Downs, this design is also great for rainy days. The hat’s wide brim makes it sturdy enough to support ornamental ribbons, headbands, feathers or any other adornment you desire.

Stay Strong in Sinamay

Sinamay is a popular hat material for many reasons. It’s much sturdier than cotton and other fabrics which means your hat will maintain its original shape. Although strong, it’s also very pliable and can be used to create a variety of designs. Made from the stalks of the abaca tree, sinamay is a natural fiber that won’t lose its color over time. With all of these benefits, sinamay straw is commonly found in both traditional and modern, freestyle hats.

Accent with a Disc Fascinator

If you think traditional hats are too overbearing, a disc fascinator is a smart alternative. Fascinators are lightweight and make it easy to conceal any facial imperfections that the wrong hat style tends to magnify. Despite their smaller size, you can still choose from bold colored hats adorned with flowers or feathers. These fancy headpieces are a favorite among celebrities and members of the royal family, including Kate Middleton. Most fascinators have an elastic headband to hold your hat securely in place.

Add a Feminine Touch

While it’s okay to make a unique fashion statement, sometimes you might want a hat with a softer, more feminine appeal. No matter what shape or style you choose, a delicate, veil netting is an easy way to soften the overall look of a hat. You can opt for a hat with netting that covers only the top or one with netting that extends past the brow to highlight your face.

Whether you plan on visiting Churchill Downs in person or hosting a watch party at home, selecting a hat is all part of the fun. For best results, avoid ordering or purchasing your hat at the last minute. This will provide you with more style options and allow plenty of time for shipping.

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