Whatever you wished to know about Miyazawa flutes

Miyazawa is considered a Japanese company which creates handcrafted professional flutes. Masashi Miyazawa founded this company in the year 1969. Its instruments get distributed all through the world and played by some of the most renowned musicians. A Miyazawa flute is produced from various metals that include gold-silver alloy, sterling, and 958 silver, 9k, 14k, 18k, as well as 24k platinum and gold with choices for customization. Every Miyazawa flute is considered a union of time-tested ground-breaking advancements and traditional techniques that are handcrafted for meeting your highest expectations. A promise to choose matches the consistent quality of Miyazawa.

The Miyazawa flutes are customized for matching you’re playing style, and you will discover quality in all the aspects of a Miyazawa flute that include notable advancements. These flutes have keys that are cold-forged, and they are much reliable and stronger compared to keys that are created by out-dated heat-casting processes that include metal integrity. A flat-bottom key cup does provide a consistent and superior surface where the pads are seated. These flutes are mainly designed for Straubinger Pads, and not all the flute mechanisms do have the accuracy to get benefitted from these progressive pads. When you play a Miyazawa flute, then you will feel the liberty to gain independence from the communication with your natural voice.

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Types of a Miyazawa flute

Beginning from the most powerful and full tone to the most generously delicate designs, you will find a Miyazawa flute to be providing you with entire liberty to express your unique individual voice. The types of flutes are:

  • Concert flutes
    • Gold Series – All the flutes that belong to the gold series do have open holes, soldered tone holes, and French style pointed tonearms.
    • 958 Silver Series – They are handmade flutes that use 95.8% silver tubing all through. These flutes have French style pointed tonearms, open holes, Straubinger Pads, and B foot joints.
    • 402 Series – They are handmade flute that has 958 silver head joint plus a sterling silver body and silver plated mechanism. You will find these flutes to have open holes with French style tonearms, partial Brogger System, Drawn tone holes, and Straubinger pads.
  • 202 Series – They are handmade flute with 958 silver joint and silver plated bodies. They flutes have open holes with low B foot joint, and French style pointed tone arms, Sraubinger pads standard, and partial Brogger System.
  • 102 Series – These flutes are handmade flutes that have sterling silver lap plate plus riser. They have open holes with Drawn toneholes, French style pointed tone arms, and partial Brogger system.
  • Styles to suit your taste

The best thing about Miyazawa flutes is there are many handcrafted models, and each one of them is entirely customizable. So, you can say that Miyazawa has a flute which is made for you. You can customize your response and sound with the most comprehensive choice of head joint and metals style. Again, the head joint of a Miyazawa is exclusive like you, and this is the reason; most of the people prefer these flutes. You can customize every Miyazawa flute through various optional enhancements.

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